In it’s recent Winter 2013 Newsletter Experian released the details of the fifth annual Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) which they sponsored.

The survey found many areas of improvement and highlighted them in the infographic below:


Key highlights from the HIMSS study include:

  • Only 38% of the respondents encrypt mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, which is worrisome considering their rising use. In fact, there are currently 1.1 billion global smartphone subscribers, representing a 42% year over year growth rate. In addition, there’s been a 29% increase in tablet or e-reader users since 2009.
  • Only 43% of respondents test their data response plans, meaning they don’t know whether their plans work. Organisations should review their response plans regularly and conduct practice runs at least once per year. It’s also a good idea to update the contact list of your response team quarterly and redistribute it.
  • 64% of this year’s respondents encrypt emails, compared to 55% in 2008.
  • Two-thirds conduct a risk analysis at least once per year, compared to 54% in 2008
  • Nearly 25% of the respondents sustained a data breach in the past year alone
  • the high number of breaches has caused 21 million American patients to have their healthcare records exposed to date
  • 90% of the respondents (Hospitals) in a recent study indicating that they conduct formal risk analyses.