Perspecsys surveyed 117 attendees of InfoSec Europe Conference 2014 on the opinions of security of their data stored in the cloud.

Key findings from the study include:-

  • 80% of InfoSec Europe attendees use some sort of cloud applications
  • 62% of organizations believe using a European based cloud is easier from a regulatory and compliance perspective
  • 51% of respondents claimed that they do not fully trust U.S. based clouds

Many IT departments do not trust U.S. based clouds:-

  • 47% believe their data is more secure contained in European based versus U.S. based clouds
  • 62% believe that negativity toward U.S. based clouds is justified, based on reports of the NSA having visibility into this data
  • 59% do not believe that European based government agencies conduct practices to the same extent as the NSA

See the Infograph here.