How many other people will have done this? Taken a screenshot for training purposes, to demonstrate a technical error, share a section of a document, etc. and how many people have inadvertently included another application, image or data without realising or not thinking it was important.

What ever the reason, if we include Personal information in those screen shots and wrongly share them we could be breaching the Data Protection Act.

This happened at Durham University after disclosing personal information in screenshots used to demonstrate the use of University systems in training material on a website. The information included the details of up to 177 former students and staff.

Steve Eckersley, Head of Enforcement said:

“All documents should be checked for personal information before being made available on a website. This case also highlights the importance of organisations having comprehensive data protection training in place for all staff.

“It is vital that schools, colleges and universities introduce robust systems to handle their pupils’ information on electronic and paper based systems in compliance with the Data Protection Act and we will continue to work with those in the education sector to ensure they are keeping young peoples’ details secure.”