At bit of a catch up on the excellent RSA Fraud Reports. The results from their September report are below.

At the bottom of the post is the August Report Summary link.

Phishing Attacks per Month

The number of phishing attacks identified by RSA in August increased by 7%, setting a new all-time high of 26,907 attacks. This increase can be mostly attributed to repeated attacks on a number of large financial institutions which have been heavily targeted through the past few months.

Number of Brands Attacked

The total number of brands attacked increased 9% in August, climbing from 321 targeted brands in July to 351 brands in August. Last month, seven brands endured their first phishing attack. Last year, monthly counts of newly-targeted brands hovered around 20 to 25 per month, indicating a slowdown in the attack rate of new targets.

US Bank Types Attacked

The number of phishing attacks targeting U.S. credit unions in August nearly doubled, from 10% to 19%. The portion of attacked brands among the other two sectors decreased – regional U.S. banks decreased 3% and nationwide banks decreased 6%. August 2011 marked a two-year high for U.S. credit union brands being targeted since hitting the 24% mark in August 2009.

Top Countries by Attack Volume

The US and UK remained the top two countries most targeted by phishing in August, accounting for 73% of the world’s attacks. Brazil, Canada, and South Africa all remained in the top half.

Top Hosting Countries

The U.S. hosted 63% of all phishing attacks identified in August. The UK and Germany both accounted for hosting 4% of global phishing attacks followed by France, Canada, the Netherlands, Brazil, Russia, and Australia. In the last year, the countries that have consistently hosted the highest portions of phishing attacks have been the U.S., UK, and Germany.

Top Countries by Attacked Brands

The top five countries whose brands were most targeted by phishing in August, the U.S., UK, Australia, India, and Canada – accounted for 60% of attacks. U.S.

The full report can be found here.

See the RSA August Report Summary here.