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Image by hugovk via Flickr

The UK Card Association has recently published advice on avoiding fraud.

Some common sense advice that should be used:-

i) Ensure you are the only person who knows your PIN. Your bank or the police will never phone or email you and ask you to disclose it.

ii) Your bank will never ring you and tell you that they are coming around to pick up your card, so never hand it over to anyone who comes to ‘collect it’.

iii) Shield your PIN with your free hand when typing it into a keypad in a shop or at a cash machine.

iv) Only shop on secure websites. Before entering card details ensure that the locked padlock or unbroken key symbol is showing in your browser.

v) Rip up or preferably shred statements, receipts and documents that contain information relating to your financial affairs when you dispose of them.

vi) Never accept a cheque from someone unless you know and trust them, especially if the cheque is for a high value.

vii) When writing a cheque make sure you draw a line through all unused space on the payee line and the amount line to help prevent the cheque being fraudulently altered.

viii) Make sure you have up-to-date anti-virus software installed on your computer.

Some common sense advice.