Security token devices
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After a recent review of online banking Which? the consumer guide people have produced a list of “Top online security tips”.

  1. Regularly log in and check your statement for unusual transactions. If you spot anything unfamiliar
    immediately contact your bank.
  2. Avoid public computers for online banking, make sure your wifi-network is secure, and don’t open emails from unknown sources as they may contain a virus
  3. Install the latest anti-virus and anti-spyware software, use an effective firewall, and ask your bank if they offer ‘Rapport‘ software which can be used in addition to your usual software.
  4. Keep both your operating system (such as Windows) and your browser (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox) up to date and set your computer to install updates automatically. If you receive a suspicious email purporting to be from your bank forward it to reports

Learn more about online banking security by reading the Which? “online guide to protecting your online ID” here and the Which? “How to bank online safely” here.