In its recent study, Juniper Networks uncovered some very interesting facts on the growing risk to Android base mobile devices.

The time line for the development of the threats is as follows

Android Attacks: 2010

  • January 2010: First bank phishing application for Android
  • March 2010: First Android “botnet”
  • July 2010: GPS monitoring embedded in Tap Snake game
  • August 2010: First Android SMS Trojan
  • November 2010: “Angry Birds” proof-of concept malware demonstrated
  • December 2010: First pirated Android application, Geinimi

Android Attacks: 2011

  • January 2011: ADRD and PJApps available in China
  • March 2011: Myournet/DroidDream, the first Android malware available and distributed through Android Market on a large scale, affects 50,000 users.
  • Google’s solution, the Android Market Security Tool, was also pirated and turned into malware in China.
  • April 2011: Walk-and-Text pirate puts egg on users’ faces.
  • April 2011: Research at IU Bloomington results in “Soundminer” proof-of-concept communications interception application.

Overall there was a 400% increase in Android malware since summer 2010

In summary, the bad guys have see the growth of the Smartphone market and are turning their skills into the development of tools and attack vectors for the operating systems on them, including Android.