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Symantec MessageLabs have released their March 2011 Intelligence Report which as usual makes very interesting reading.

The highlights of the Intelligence Report are below:

  • Spam – 79.3% in March (a decrease of 2.0 percentage points since February 2011)
  • Viruses – One in 208.9 emails in March contained malware (an increase of 0.13 percentage points since February 2011)
  • Phishing – One in 252.5 emails comprised a phishing attack (a decrease of 0.07 percentage points since February 2011)
  • Malicious websites – 2,973 web sites blocked per day (a decrease of 27.5% since February 2011)
  • 37.0% of all malicious domains blocked were new in March (a decrease of 1.9 percentage points since February 2011)
  • 24.5% of all web-based malware blocked was new in March (an increase of 4.2 percentage points since February 2011)
  • Global spam volumes drop by one third, as Rustock botnet is dismantled
  • First review of spam-sending botnets in 2011 identified Bagle as most active botnet as Rustock fell silent

SPAM. The Russian Federation is now the most frequent source of spam in March; perhaps in large part given that there are a large number of bots for Bagle, Lethic and Maazben located in this geography.

Country % of Spam
Russian Federation 12.4%
India 8.8%
Brazil 5.9%
United States 4.5%
Ukraine 4.4%
Colombia 3.9%
Romania 3.8%
Argentina 2.8%
Vietnam 2.5%
Korea, Republic of 2.5%

Symantec MessageLab’s table below shows the most frequently blocked email-borne malware for March, many of which take advantage of malicious hyperlinks. In March, 35.3% of email-borne malware was associated with Bredolab, SpyEye and Zeus variants, a trend initially reported in the MessageLabs Intelligence Report for February 2011.

Malware % Malware
Trojan.Bredolab!eml 24.0%
Exploit/SuspLink-7d87 17.1%
W32/Bredolab.gen!eml-19251 4.8%
Trojan.Bredolab 1.9%
Exploit/SuspLink.dam 1.8%
Exploit/SuspLink-6c7b 1.6%
W32/Bredolab.gen!eml 1.5%
W32/Bredolab!gen-ad91 1.4%
Exploit/LinkAliasPostcard-b354 0.8%
W32/Delf-Generic-ad9e 0.7%

Symantec MessageLab’s table below shows the malware most frequently blocked targeting endpoint devices for the last month.

Malware % Malware
W32.Sality.AE 8.3%
Trojan.Gen* 7.7%
Trojan Horse 7.4%
W32.Ramnit!html 5.8%
Trojan.Gen.2* 4.9%
W32.Ramnit.B!inf 4.3%
Trojan.ADH.2 4.3%
Trojan.Bamital 4.3%
W32.Downadup.B 3.9%
Downloader* 3.5%

See the whole Symantec MessageLab’s Intelligence Report here.

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