In Sophos’s 2013 Security Threat Report they provided 3 tips on how to be more secure when using the cloud.

The tips are simple but straight to the point so I thought I would share them.

  1. Apply web-based policies using URL filtering, controlling access to public cloud storage websites and preventing users from browsing to sites you’ve declared off-limits. 
  2. Use application controls to block or allow particular applications, either for the entire company or for specific groups. 
  3. Automatically encrypt files before they are uploaded to the cloud from any managed endpoint. An encryption solution allows users to choose their preferred cloud storage services, because the files are always encrypted and the keys are always your own. And because encryption takes place on the client before any data is synchronized, you have full control of the safety of your data. You won’t have to worry if the security of your cloud storage provider is breached. Central keys give authorized users or groups access to files and keep these files encrypted for everyone else. Should your web key go missing for some reason, maybe the user simply forgot the password, the security officer inside the enterprise would have access to the keys in order to make sure the correct people have access to that file.