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Symantec MessageLabs have released their April 2011 Intelligence Report which as usual makes very interesting reading.

The highlights of the Intelligence Report are below:

  • Spam – 72.9% in April (a decrease of 6.4 percentage points since March 2011)
  • Viruses – One in 168.6 emails in April contained malware (an increase of 0.11 percentage
    points since March 2011)
  • Phishing – One in 242.2 emails comprised a phishing attack (an increase of 0.02
    percentage points since March 2011)
  • Malicious web sites – 2,431 web sites blocked per day (a decrease of 18.2% since March
  • 33.0% of all malicious domains blocked were new in April (a decrease of 4.0 percentage
    points since March 2011)
  • 22.5% of all web-based malware blocked was new in April (a decrease of 1.9 percentage
    points since March 2011)
  • Targeted attacks increase in intensity: What does a recent targeted attack look like?
  • Shortened URLs: Do you know what you’re clicking on?

Symantec MessageLab’s table below shows the most frequently blocked email-borne malware for April, many of which take advantage of malicious hyperlinks. Overall, 55.1% of email-borne malware was associated with Bredolab, Sasfis, SpyEye and Zeus variants, a trend initially reported in the MessageLabs Intelligence Report for February 2011. 

Malware % Malware
Trojan.Bredolab!eml  37.67%
Exploit/FakeAttach  4.54%
HeurAuto-08ba  3.88%
Gen:Variant.Kazy.17074 3.53%
Trojan.Bredolab 3.31%
W32/Bredolab.gen!eml-19251 3.27%
W32/Bredolab.gen!eml 2.83%
Gen:Variant.Kazy.16615 1.80%
W32/Generic-afcd 1.79%
W32/Delf-Generic-ad9e 0.70%

Symantec MessageLab’s table below shows the malware most frequently blocked targeting endpoint devices for the last month. This includes data from endpoint devices protected by Symantec technology around the world, including data from clients which may not be using other layers of protection, such as Symantec MessageLabs Web or Symantec MessageLabs Email

Malware % Malware
W32.Sality.AE  8.10%
W32.Ramnit.B!inf  7.80%
W32.Ramnit!html  6.90%
Trojan.Gen 6.80%
Trojan Horse  6.80%
Trojan.Bamital  5.30%
W32.Downadup.B 4.10%
Trojan.Gen.2  3.80%
Downloader  3.80%
W32.Almanahe.B!inf  2.50%

See entire Symantec MessageLab’s Intelligence Report here

The March report summary can be found here.